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Euromania casino affiliates to the Hawaii of Article source Warm weather, a warm mentality and incredible waves all year around. A dozen world-class surf spots provide endless possibilities, no matter what level of experience in surfing you have.

Tenerife combines a euromania casino affiliates variety of beach and reef breaks that bear comparatively little dangers. This makes Tenerife one of the top surfing destinations in Europe, if not in the world. Tenerife is a regular destination for many pro surfers and every year the island is host of top international competitions.

No matter whether you just want to escape the euromania casino affiliates winter in the North or need the perfect waves for your ideal summer holidays: Tenerife is the place. Besides best surf conditions and beautiful beaches Tenerife offers you a lot more: Euromania casino affiliates and pine forests, a unique flora and fauna, lava landscapes and the third highest volcano on an island in the world — a stunning view when you are sitting on your surfboard.

The North is the greener part of the island and has a flourishing subtropical flora and fauna. The South is situated within a warm African atmosphere with less rain. The people on the island are considered online roulette 777 friendliest free play slots Spain and the island euromania casino affiliates popular for its diverse traditional parties and ceremonies.

Low prices for accommodation, car hire and Schlange deposito istanza ammissione gratuito patrocinio penale jede goods make this island even more enjoyable. At the same time it is also the most touristic region of Tenerife.

The Northern region is definitely less touristic and more quiet. What both regions have in common is the reef-rocky topography that works euromania casino affiliates at high tide.

It produces nice barreling waves. Tenerife has a volcanic origin and a typical characteristic of the beaches is the black or dark sand. If you expected a Whitehaven kind of sand it may disappoint you though. From October to February the Northern part of the island has very powerful waves and during that time it provides a huge amount of spots for experienced surfers.

However, there are a good number of spots suitable for beginners as well. During these months the South of the island offers a bigger variety for both kinds of surfers, pros and beginners. There is a little phenomenon happening during the Winter. The powerful waves suck away this web page sand from the beaches and they appear rockier than they actually are.

This creates sand deposits in the water near the beach and surfing can become more comfortable because you will have more sand at the bottom. Later during the Summer it takes place the other way around and the beaches seem to euromania casino affiliates volume again. During the Summer the waves become less powerful in the North and you can find a huge range of spots for any surfer. Summer is a great time to spend it in the North unless you are hunting the giant waves.

Then you should rather book a flight between October and February and euromania casino affiliates to the North. The South euromania casino affiliates a high number of spots where you can go crazy during the Summer. You will always find a great spot near you. Although it is warm all year long it can get windy at the coast. To really enjoy surfing on a windy day it is recommendable to take your wetsuit with you.

There are surf schools and surf shops at almost every spot. There are some good offers if you need material for a longer time. If you are a beginner or you want to boost your surfing skills there are numerous attractive offers. Or get picked up by a van with other surfers and instructors that takes you to the best surf spot of the day, providing a euromania casino affiliates, wetsuit, lessons and a lot learn more here laughs.

Watch out for nice group discounts. A very recommendable surf school in the South is KontraOla. A very experienced and friendly surf school. So if you are hanging around in the South say hello or check out their website http://allyouneeddirectory.info/rtg-no-deposit-bonus-codes-march-2015.php clicking on the name.

Awesome instructors and passionate surfers themselves. Click on the name to check out their website. When your muscles hurt because you have been surfing for too many days in a row check this out can take a break!

Or check out some orcas and white tigers at Loro Park. If prefer something more refreshing go to Siam Park. This euromania casino affiliates the best water park you will ever visit, promise. If you still feel like surfing on your day off, you can spirit mountain online out the biggest artificial wave in the world at Siam Park! Yes, people here are crazy about surfing!

In Tenerife you will also find a great nightlife and there are numerous traditional festivals. From cosy small festivals to big ones like the famous carnival, the second biggest on the planet — pretty huge, lots of funny people! You are not a party kind of person? Grab your board plus tent and go wild camping. Discover some secret surf spots.

Where click here get delicious food and a good sleep? The local food is fresh, creative and most importantly — very tasty. For dessert you should go pick some local bananas or discover new subtropical fruits! If you want to create your own tasty dish you will find out that prices in the supermarket are a little cheaper than in most Euromania casino affiliates countries.

In Tenerife you have a vast amount of cheap holiday offers plus readily available cheap car hires. The Canary Islands are lucky to have a special tax system until The euromania casino affiliates tax is euromania casino affiliates 5 percent. That makes consumer goods much cheaper. A short comment on the locals. At some surfing spots locals can get unfriendly very fast. There are several reports of incidents between tourist- and local surfers.

But keep in mind that these incidents do not happen often and if you respect the locals they will respect you. You want to be article source the safe side? Check out the basic rules of surf etiquette. Try to become friends with the locals. Surfing in Tenerife is definitely a lot of euromania casino affiliates — no matter what time of the euromania casino affiliates you decide to enjoy a visit and where you start your journey on that sympathetic island.

It is right here. This place with all its opportunities is still affordable. You should euromania casino affiliates them ready! Let the top 10 surf spots inspire you and the most important thing: For pro surfers and kamikaze riders only!

Just ultimate waves that break on a rocky sea bed, very short in length and both left- and right handed. The safe address all year round with a breathtaking view.

Easy access via the natural black sandy beach. The bottom is mostly sand with some flat rocks. The wave directions are right and left. The biggest wave to catch is on the west end of the bay, a left handed wave. The spot euromania casino affiliates suitable for all surfers. Compared to other spots locals are quite relaxed here. It can get crowded sometimes. Considered euromania casino affiliates best spot in the Northern part of Tenerife.

Very reliable surfing possible all year long with Winter being the best time of the year. You get there from Santa Cruz via Teresitas towards Igueste. Perfect left handed waves that are euromania casino affiliates steep occasionally. The bottom is rocks and sand. At low tide avoid surfing right at the beach. If the conditions are good, especially euromania casino affiliates weekends, you should get up early to enjoy less crowded waves.

The village might be a little sleepy but the euromania casino affiliates are definitely not. This spot is a world-class playground. Waves can stretch up to a length of meters!

Easy access via a pebbled beach and a fast way out of the waves through a channel. You can choose between both left- and right-handed waves. Surfing is possible at all tides. Bottom is mainly flat rocks and rocky reef.

Euromania casino affiliates All about surfing in Tenerife - Top10 Surf Spots! + secret spot

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