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If Rockstar is committed to see more a high-profile new AAA with its own multiplayer mode, how more info the company still focus on three year old GTA Online?

That said, some players are still concerned about the future of their preferred virtual pastime. Rockstar North, is who. Rockstar has a number of studios scattered around the globe, and not continue reading of them are powered onto RDR2 — though granted, most probably are.

The rumor was kicked off by a post on GTAForums. Please click for source first was back inwhen GTA Online was not yet released. At that time, he predicted a number of features that would be carried over to the multiplayer mode, as well as how they relate to existing singleplayer content.

It has only become relevant now in October because of one particular detail — it predicted the arrival of gta 5 online casino map Bikers DLC prior gta 5 online casino map any kind of official announcement. Gta 5 online casino map to the predictions, a number of major DLCs will be dropped before the big fish are released — map expansions. But first, the DLCs.

Bikers has since released, so that leaves three more upcoming DLCs that Softsecrets has predicted. One seems increasingly likely: Bikers has been widely requested by players since day one, and so has a police themed DLC. If Bikers is any indication, Rockstar is more open towards the notion of playing into the desires of the community.

Other predictions include an all new luxurious DLC with mansions and premium pets — think snow leopards and the like — as well as a DLC expanding on the northern regions of GTA Online, which would add wild animals to Online. Their lack up until this point is attributed to the performance limitations of the last-gen consoles. While three DLCs are already pretty impressive and exciting, in between the hunting, the new police content and gta 5 online casino map mansions.

In fact, an interesting tidbit of info suggests that the latter two cities, which appeared alongside Los Santos in GTA: San Andreas were actually intended to be in the game upon launch. Once again, the limitations of the last-gen consoles prevented the additional cities to be added to the game, however all this time Rockstar has been touching up the two cities to fit in with the Enhanced Edition in order to take full advantage of the new hardware.

According to the predictions, the map expansions will come in two batches. According to Softsecrets, the singleplayer DLC that was planned all that time ago was replaced source the GTA Online map expansions due to the unprecedented success of microtransactions. You can read the full prediction post here. What do you think?

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