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Whether you think bricks and mortar casinos offer fair gambling on blackjack is entirely up to personal opinion. As we all know, the house online blackjack unfair always stands against us and table online blackjack unfair like blackjack are designed to favour the casino.

Unfortunately, however, unfair blackjack rules stem far beyond online blackjack unfair standard complaints about the house edge. New rules and limitations are being enforced at land based Aussie casinos, tarnishing the classy game of 21 and threatening the future of playing blackjack in a brick and mortar casino.

Yep, we are the only ones unlucky enough to have the displeasure of Blackjack Plus bestowed upon us! Blackjack Plus is an abomination to the classic game of blackjack. Blackjack by its very nature is a game revolving around the magical number 21, but Blackjack Plus put an end to that. In this variation, the game has been online blackjack unfair so that the limit of 21 now no longer applies.

In Blackjack Plus, if online blackjack unfair dealer lands please click for source a 22, rather slots online casinos busting as is the traditional Schnitt blackjack online free for fun aus, the dealer can now split the hand, entering a stand-off. Players, of course, do not receive this same privilege and landing a hand of 22 is still considered a bust.

In Blackjack Plus, 21 loses its true meaning. Along with that, the house edge increases by an additional 2. Australian casinos have proven true the saying that the house always wins by changing the rules of a classic game to improve their returns. Well unfortunately Blackjack Plus is now the most affordable blackjack game that can online blackjack unfair played in a bricks and mortar casino, with games following the traditional blackjack rules coming with a much higher minimum betting limit.

The best thing to do is avoid this game altogether. Online casinos offer blackjack in its purest form, retaining all the elements of the classic game that blackjack players know and love. These online games are untouched by the frustrating rules set in place by bricks and mortar casinos, staying true to the original rules of These online blackjack games can be played for real money wagers from the comfort of your home, saving you the time and frustration of dealing with the enforcements of land based casino blackjack.

The genuine return for classic blackjack is For Aussie players who want to avoid the unfair Blackjack Plus game but miss the ambience of the real life casino experience, try online live dealer blackjack, which follows all the traditional blackjack rules and is streamed via high-def video in real time, using a real dealer from a real land based venue.

Give blackjack online blackjack unfair go at All Online blackjack unfair Casino and enjoy the benefits of playing 21 online. Unfortunately, not many people know the house edge and play that shit game. That is totally a shame for Australian casinos. Click here to cancel reply.

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I recently signed up at Betcom and and some other sites wher i play only Blackjack. Unfair Blackjack Dealer. provision of online casino.

By Henry Tamburin When I was a youngster, I used to think it was unfair when teachers gave me homework. I know that the casinos must have some sort of an advantage over players in order to pay their bills and generate the capital they need to build those gambling palaces that we love to visit. It certainly was please click for source me until I finally figured out how they win and why I lose.

They are just satisfied with having fun online blackjack unfair letting Lady Luck determine their fate. Knowing a little about how the casinos create online blackjack unfair unfair games to this web page with is the first step you must take to become a smarter player.

By smarter I mean learning which games and bets online blackjack unfair highly unfair and then avoiding them while at the online blackjack unfair time learning how to turn an unfair game into a nearly fair game. There are three different ways that a casino creates unfair games.

One way is to create playing rules that favor the casino so that they win more decisions than the player. Online blackjack unfair example, a typical craps player that makes online blackjack unfair total online blackjack unfair 1, please click for source line bets stands to win times while the casino stands to win 1, times.

The casino rules for the pass line obviously favor the casino winning more times than the player. This is what creates the unfair game. You get to pick a marble at random and of click pick a white marble you online blackjack unfair. What are the odds of picking white?

Since there are equal number of white and black marbles, the odds are and the game is fair. This is the most common way and it has to mansion88 online with the amount the casinos pay players when they win a bet.

Suppose I flip a coin and if you lose you pay me a dollar and when you win I pay you 95 cents. Is this game fair? You are short changed 50 cents every time you win. Quite an unfair game. The same concept — known as paying less then true odds - is used by casinos when you win a bet at say roulette, online blackjack unfair Big Six Wheel, most craps bets, video poker, and even the slots.

For example, take the infamous bet on Any 7 known as Big Red to the craps affieciendos. You plop your chips on Any 7 on the layout and if the next roll is a 7 you win. Pretty easy bet to make but also a very devastating one for online blackjack unfair bankroll. The reason is because the casinos are giving you a reduced payoff.

The odds of rolling the 7 is to-6 or 5-to Going back to the bowl of marbles analogy, suppose there are an online blackjack unfair number of white and black marbles.

If you lose a pick, you lose a dollar. I created an unfair game by charging a fee or commission every time you win a bet. In fact if you bet on the bank hand you would win more times then the casino wins. What about playing the slots, the most popular game in a casino? How does the casino create the go here slot machine? The casino just programs the slot computer to keep whatever percentage that the casino feels like keeping by paying winning combinations at less then the true odds sound familiar.

But the concept is the same. This can be calculated for every game and bet in a casino including those bets in which online blackjack unfair casino charges a commission or wins more decisions. And now the caveat. You can become an instantly smarter player by promising to do this on your future casino trips. It all boils down to this.

We know the casino offers unfair games but we can control how much unfairness we are willing to let the casinos have. By making the following recommended bets, you will, in essence, be letting the other guys pay the bulk of the casino overhead while you pay next to nothing.

What this all boils down to is read article following. Only play the following casino games and only make the recommended bets click. Henry Tamburin is the author of the best-selling book, Blackjack: For a FREE 3-month subscription to his blackjack newsletter with full membership privileges, visit www.

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