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The online gaming market is forecasted to grow by a high one-digit percentage point annually in the years leading up to By then, online gaming spending is expected to almost reach the level of console spending. At the same time, mobile games are predicted to be the fastest growing segment of the video games market. Game-playing Venorex bovada lv deposit options bisher mobile devices has already become a major activity of Internet users worldwide, slightly ahead of online gaming.

Also social gaming is a fast growing industry, taking up an increasing share of the total video gaming market. Both segments online gambling market 2014 forecasted to outpace the total online gaming market in terms of growth, by a small double-digit percentage point annually.

The Asia-Pacific region has the largest number of players, but North America and Europe lead in terms of regular engagement in game-playing. Regarding payment for playing, credit cards still dominate the gaming landscape, but the use of alternative payments such as E-Wallets is on the rise.

Practices and trends in online gaming vary by world region. In the advanced online gaming market of the USA, mobile gaming was spreading more than social gaming in in terms of popularity, and this trend is expected to persist. Mobile games remained the largest segment in terms of revenue, accounting for around a quarter of the total market. Reduction of game piracy, as well as growth of the Internet and smartphone audience boost the online games market in Brazil.

Over half of Internet users in Brazil now play online games, with the largest segment of gamers using mobile devices. In Mexico also most video game aficionados played through a mobile device, while the total video gaming market there reached a value of nearly a billion Euros last year. A considerable portion of Internet uses in Argentina also are video game players. In Europe, the UK led spending rates on digital game content, while Germany was the leading country by average monthly revenue per paying user.

The online game market there has further growth potential because of the mobile trend. Tablets were the this web page choice of over a third of mobile device owners to play games in in the Online gambling market 2014, while half of all tablet owners played games. In Germany, consoles and PC are still popular for online gambling market 2014, but mobile and social platforms are gaining importance.

Downloads generated the highest revenue on the online gaming market in Germany in Mobile game sales also grow. The most popular types of games played in Germany are strategy, casual and action games. In France, digital games are expected to grow and take a large share of the total video games market, while physical games sales decline.

Computer was the device most frequently used for gaming in France last year, followed by smartphone. In Belgium, the largest group of gamers online gambling market 2014 social online gambling market 2014 casual games, with the mobile gaming audience also being significant. A similar pattern was observed in Spain, and in Italy the PC and consoles are still used more for games than smartphones and tablets. The emerging markets Click to see more and Poland were ahead of Western European countries in terms of the share of online gamers on Internet users in Eastern European countries also had a higher share of users who play online gambling market 2014 games than in Western Europe, with Croatia in the lead.

In Poland, computer games remained a major segment of the gaming market infree games slot machines social, mobile games and online MMOs are catching up. In Turkey, over 20 million people play games online regularly, with social games being the largest contributors to this number.

In Russia, the online gaming market is booming, with still more growth expected from the mobile and social platforms. The number of mobile gamers in Russia is forecasted to increase annually to reach over 60 million inwith around the same number playing online games other than on mobile devices.

The Asian region has the click number of game players online gambling market 2014 the globe. Online gambling market 2014 Japan, the gaming market is dominated by local game publishers, however, more foreign games are expected to be adapted for the country. Mobile gaming revenues on smartphones grew five-fold in the last two years, reaching a small one-digit sum in EUR billions.

The gaming market in Japan also saw the strong growth rates with revenues outperforming mobile games. In China, regulation plays an important role in the fast growing gaming industry, which favors local game publishers. Several hundreds of million online gambling market 2014 play online and mobile games, with the number growing every year.

The share of mobile games on total online gaming revenues is expected to increase significantly in the next four years, as well as that of social gaming. In South Korea, mobile gaming is a leading trend, led by a messaging app which transformed into a popular gaming platform.

Mobile is forecasted to be the fastest growing segment in the gaming industry in India also through the next few years, with revenues approaching online gambling market 2014 of console. In the Middle East, a quarter of Internet users in online gambling market 2014 UAE play or download video games or computer games online, almost double the share in Online gaming revenues in South Online gambling market 2014 are forecasted to grow by a small-double digit percentage between and Mobile gaming outperforms pure online gaming by far in South Africa, with the revenues differing by several times.

In other African countries, such as Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya and Senegal, online and mobile gaming is also gaining popularity, with a small double-digit share of Internet users engaging in this activity on their mobile devices and PCs. Up to ten regional employees of an organization may access and download the report Global License Up to ten global employees of an organization online gambling market 2014 access and download the report.

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We really value the regular updates and personalized summaries, as well as access to our dedicated account manager so we can easily ask for further information or clarifications. Searching for topics via the website and then being able to download the reports in PowerPoint as well as Online gambling market 2014 formats means the service is extremely easy to use and saves us lots of time. For us at Ingenico ePayments, the reports in yStats. The accuracy and depth online gambling market 2014 their data allows for efficient research, even in often very specific payments topics.

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Global Online Gaming Market ,

The market was The use of mobile click here for online gambling purposes is increasing. The market growth for this industry is very geography specific. Gambling on the Internet is receiving something in value at the end of a game, which is usually money. Online gambling includes activities like online gambling market 2014, casinos where traditional games are played like blackjack, roulette, online gambling market 2014sports betting, bingo and lotteries.

More than 80 nations have legalized online gambling and Europe has the largest online gambling market in the world, and this is just going to increase as Netherlands adopts new online gambling regulations. In Asia Pacific region, the online gambling sector has not grown much, as there has been no scope. In countries like Singaporethe government has made all sorts of gambling illegal and thus no market as such. In China and Online gambling market 2014 Korea also gambling sites working illegally were arrested.

While in the USAthree states already allow online gambling, and it is expected that more states are going to adopt similar regulations, allowing this market to grow in online gambling market 2014 regions, as the government want to benefit from the tax revenues.

In Africa also similar to Asia there has been no plans for legalizing online gambling anytime soon. Though there is a growth in the online gambling industry, land-based gambling still dwarfs the Internet activity, which can be a constraint for this industry in the long run.

In specific regions there has been minimal growth of this industry due to the strict government silversands online casino login, which become a huge constraint for players to work in the market, while on the other hand, a major driver for this industry is the opening up of new markets in countries like USA and Europe where certain states are allowing legal online gambling.

There is even a huge risk in entering into this industries especially in countries where it is illegal, and these risks restricts the entry of new players and the expansion of existing players in different geographies. Since the online gambling market allows players to use virtual money it has reduced the burden and risk of carrying cash as in the case of real gambling activities, and since this can be done in the comfort of ones home, many people are resorting to online gambling, hence showing that read more is an opportunity for this market in the future.

This market will keep increasing in the future as it has still not reached maturity stage and the governments are moving to regulate this practice, which gives more moving space to the players in online gambling market 2014 market to grow. Companies Mentioned - Holdings - Bet-at-home. To view the original version on PR Newswire, visit: Also from this source Release contains wide tables.

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