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Online Betting In Romania: Laws & Legislation Romania online gambling law

What do I need to know before starting an online gambling business in Romania? What is the law regarding this activity? In Romania, the gambling activity including the online sector, is controlled via the Government Emergency Ordinance no. The online gambling activity is defined by the Article No. The online betting can take place, as all other games of chance, only if the license for organizing gabling games is obtained and as well the gambling exploitation authorization.

According to stipulations mentioned for acquiring the Romania online gambling license, the license for organizing games of chance is provided to economic operators who comply with the regulations and it is valid for 10 ten years only if the imposed taxes are being paid. Me and my partners are interested in obtaining a license for our online gambling business.

What can we do, please? In order to obtain the online gambling licence the following conditions must be fulfilled:. Could you please explain what taxes I need to pay in order to start an online gambling business in Romania online gambling law Please note the a nnual taxes for the licence of organizing games of chance in Romania, in particular for remote games of chance, there are three categories of license as follow:.

The turnover annual license fee is as follows:. Operators of lottery-type games will be granted EUR The authorization for exploitation of games of chance is valid for one year covering the entire activity, developing and exploitation and for all adjacent technical equipments used for these purposes.

My intention is to start an o nline gaming business in 4 European countries. Romania online gambling law are the necessary documents to begin this business in Romania? Procedures for obtaining the Romania online gambling license stipulate that romania online gambling law order to acquire the authorization for exploitation of games of chance, such as online betting, the economic operator must have the following documents:.

What is the monitoring body for the online gambling services in Romania? As it is easily noticeable, a novelty is the presence of a monitoring operator who comes to confirm the compliance with regulations, the monitoring operator and the economic operator are not interdependent. This monitoring body represents the National Gambling Office which is responsible for monitoring and reporting of the gambling services providers, their advertisers and affiliates. The National Gambling Office adds some transparency to the overall gambling regulations climate visit web page it strictly romania online gambling law some precise provisions to be followed by economic operators involved in such activities.

The licence requested for the first paragraph is not necessary, if the licence for organizing games of chance is requested simultaneously with the authorization for exploitation of games of chance. Adjacent taxes for the authorization of exploitation of click here games of chance annual:.

For 1st Class remote games of chance: For 3rd Class remote games of chance: These are only some guidance notes concerning this topic. For further information please contact us, our best lawyers in Bucharest offer free consultations to businessman interested in a company in Romania.

In order to obtain the online gambling licence the following conditions must be fulfilled: Romania online gambling law note the a nnual taxes for the licence of organizing games of chance in Romania, in particular for remote games of chance, there are three categories of license as follow: The turnover annual license fee is as follows: Operators of lottery-type games will be granted EUR The authorization for exploitation of games romania online gambling law chance is valid for one year covering the entire activity, developing and exploitation and for all adjacent technical equipments used for these purposes.

Procedures for obtaining the Romania online gambling license romania online gambling law that in order to acquire romania online gambling law authorization for exploitation of games of chance, such as online betting, the economic operator must have the following documents: Adjacent taxes for the authorization of exploitation of online games of chance annual: Money laundering in Romania Lawyers: Tax evasion in Romania Lawyers: Road accidents in Romania Lawyers: Driving under influence in Romania DUI.

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The Committee has two executive members the President and the Vice-President of the Office and seven non-executive members, appointed by the Prime Minister and proposed by: This category also includes the Poker Festival — traditional game — a temporary event consisting of a poker tournament which takes place exclusively between participants in rooms premises within accommodation establishments.

With romania online gambling law to skill and social games, the Romanian legislation currently in force does not expressly regulate such games. Therefore, any skill or social game that does not involve i material winnings, ii a participation fee, or iii the random selection of the results or the events to which the object of the game relates, regardless of how these results are, shall not be regarded as gambling activity.

In addition, according to the gambling law, the following types of games are not considered games of chance and do not require authorisation:. A tombola is considered non-profit when the total amount of participation fees is equal to the total value of prizes awarded; the same principle also applies in the case of prizes in the form of goods, etc. Are personal and premises licences needed? Do key suppliers need authorisation? Apart from the legal entities which may apply for a Class 1 licence to organise gambling activities, as indicated in our answer provided to question 2.

Also, certain activities — such as manufacturing, distribution, maintenance, import, export, intra-community trade — related to gaming means, are subject to the respective operators obtaining a Class 2 licence from the Office. A Class 3 licence is to be granted to the organiser of remote lotto games still under the monopoly of the Romanian state. No such licence has yet romania online gambling law granted in Romania at the date of writing this article.

The licensing both for Class 1 and for Class 2 applicants process, as well as the authorisation application process, is rather straight forward. The romania online gambling law regulates a closed box procedure, all regulatory approvals being granted based exclusively on documents submitted to the Office, without the applicant or its local representative being present in front of the Committee for the hearing when the application is analysed and voted on.

The documentation must be submitted at least nine working days prior to the date the Committee meeting is scheduled, for the representatives of the Office to have the time to review the application, and request additional data or information from the applicant, if necessary. Rewards bonus code card players the initial review is finalised, the documentation is put forward to the Committee, whose members make the final decision on the actual granting of the approval.

The licence to organise games of chance is valid for 10 years, subject to the payment of annual fees. The Office may decide to revoke the licence to organise games of chance for cases such as: After the licence to organise games of chance has been revoked, a new application can be submitted after at least one year from the date on which the revocation decisions became irrevocable in the appeal system.

Moreover, the Office romania online gambling law decide to cancel a licence to organise games of chance or the authorisation to operate games of chance, as the case may be, if the Office finds that, on the date these documents were granted, the applicants provided incorrect or inaccurate information which, if known, would have led to the licence to organise games of chance or the authorisation romania online gambling law operate games of chance, as applicable, not being granted.

In this situation, a new application click here authorisation can be submitted after at least five go here from the date on which the cancellation decision becomes final in the administrative appeal system or from the date on which the court judgment becomes final and irrevocable.

The Office may also decide to suspend or revoke a licence to organise games of chance, as the case may be, at the request of the National Tax Administration, the Fraud Investigations Directorate within the General Inspectorate of the Romanian Police, the Minister of Administration and Interior, or the National Office for the Prevention and Control of Money Laundering, due to failure to comply with the provisions of the legislation regarding the prevention and control of money laundering and financing of terrorist activities, determined by administrative documents that have remained final in the administrative appeal system, or romania online gambling law court judgments that are final and irrevocable.

Please include in this answer the material promotion and advertising restrictions. One of the key limits is the prohibition of minors under 18 romania online gambling law old from taking part in gambling activities. In addition, the current Romanian legislation incriminates as a criminal offence the deed committed by an individual which participates as a player in romania online gambling law remote game of chance, while also being a member of staff or part of the management of a legal entity that is a contractual party with the licensed gambling organiser on Romanian territory, regarding any activity connected or associated with that game of chance, or being an associate or shareholder of this legal entity.

Romanian legislation also contains certain restrictions related to advertising. Both the annual licensing fee and the annual authorisation tax need to be paid before commencing gambling activities in Romania. Fees for temporary games operating for up to a three-month period poker festivals are lower. In addition, the organiser will have to annually transmit to the players the information referring to the revenue achieved within the respective fiscal year.

The law also regulates other special taxes, such as: The gambling regulatory framework is focused on protecting minors and preventing their access to gambling, preventing fraud, money laundering and the financing of terrorist actions, as well as ensuring the integrity and transparency of gambling activities, and maintaining a fair game system which is constantly supervised.

Romania online gambling law remote gambling the legal framework specifically provides for mechanisms to allow players to set daily, weekly or romania online gambling law play limits, and to self-exclude from the game temporarily or permanently. Does your jurisdiction permit virtual currencies to be used for gambling and are they separately regulated? Payment instruments used in the financial-banking system and money, click at this page bank cards, romania online gambling law accepted forms of payment that contribute to the operation of free video slots games play of chance.

In addition, all payments to players should be made only through payment processors, who, in addition to having an authorisation for payment services or for the issue of electronic coins, are also licensed by the Office a Class 2 licence or by land-based gambling operators who perform deposits to, or withdrawals romania online gambling law players accounts in the name and on behalf of remote gambling operators, based on their prior agreement.

The prizes may only be issued in kind and must have a minimum value; and. Moreover, the Office should identify the websites used for carrying out marketing, advertising and publicity romania online gambling law, or any other promotional activities relating to the remote games of chance or activities and services related to these, which are not romania online gambling law in accordance with Romanian legislation. In such cases, the Office communicates euro casino automaty zdarma information regarding any unauthorised activities identified to the internet providers, so that access to these websites can be blocked, and in addition shall also communicate the information about these unauthorised websites to payment institutions and services so that any payments to and from these unauthorised websites can be blocked.

The operators carrying out unauthorised remote gambling Einloggen online casinos test 2015 ein will be literally blacklisted, along with their unlawful romania online gambling law. Such blacklist is available on the website of the Office, at http: The video lottery game is being performed via an unitary network of terminals with closed circuit that functions only when connected to the online casino jobs south africa national level system via the internet.

According to the provisions of romania online gambling law primary law in force, the number of slot machines for each location is as follows:. For betting activity, the minimum number of locations in which the activity can be carried out by the same economic operator is 15, whereas the minimum number of specialised terminals that an economic operator may have is Depending on their operating method, betting terminals can be grouped in two categories: A betting agency is a specialised location used for betting activities — traditional games — such as mutual, fixed-odds betting or betting exchange, in which at least one romania online gambling law betting romania online gambling law is operated.

These games of chance will be operated directly within the agency via dependent or autonomous betting terminals, or at premises specialised in gambling activities via autonomous terminals, providing that the activity is centralised and the results are reported through the respective work point or through a work point or betting agency belonging to the organiser, designated for collection operations, if the results homologation and winnings validation operations cannot be performed directly by the player by operating the terminal.

Carrying out any activity in the gambling sector without a licence or authorisation is considered a criminal offence and is punished with a prison sentence of between one month and one year or a criminal fine.

According to the provisions of the Romanian criminal code, the sanction applied to a legal entity for committing such a crime is a fine of between approximately EUR 2, to EUR 22, as well as the additional sanction of dissolving the legal entity. Additional measures, such as the confiscation of the revenues arising from the illicit activity, may be imposed.

Based romania online gambling law the provisions of the Romanian Criminal Code, when the elements of a criminal offence are met, criminal liability arises. In order for a criminal offence to exist, the deed provided for by the criminal law must be committed with guilt, unjustifiable e. Furthermore, the persons having committed the criminal offences may be either authors or co-authors, or even romania online gambling law and accomplices, provided that all elements of the criminal offence are fulfilled for each romania online gambling law of them.

In addition, carrying out any of the activities related to remote gambling activities in Romania namely the activities noon bonus high casino no deposit the operators which offer management and hosting facilities on their gambling platform, payment processors, manufacturers and distributors of software, affiliates, certifiers and auditors to the gambling sector without a Class 2 licence is considered a minor offence and is sanctioned with a fine of between RON 50, to RONand confiscation of the amounts derived from the illicit activity.

However, in a rather conservative interpretation of the legal provisions, criminal liability cannot be excluded due to the fact that operation of any kind of activities related to the gambling field, in the absence of romania online gambling law license constitutes a criminal offence and the primary legislation does not make a distinction in this sense between FirstClass licensees and Second Class service providers.

In what concerns the players, participation in remote gambling activities not authorised by the Office by natural persons, in Romanian territory, represents a minor offence. Romania online gambling law addition, the first sanction for Article source advertising was imposed in November by the National Audiovisual Council with respect to two adverts for remote poker.

The regulator has already blacklisted certain operators the full list is available at: While discussions romania online gambling law a new taxation system for remote games of chance have been carried out with the local authorities, no draft legislation on this matter has been made public by the date of the writing of this chapter.

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